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… I’m just going to cosign all of these turn-ons and pretend to be surprised.

*presses hand to forehead dramatically* this is a completely shocking development! I am aghast! 


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It’s kind of a ridic list and it also means I never really dated a lot?? but I’m okay with that, most days.

also annnn tumblr gave me youuuu <33333

actual footage of lucy liu slaying your favs

rungrlrun asked: 47 and 59

47! Turn ons:

  • shawl lapels
  • nice tie knots
  • compassion
  • honesty
  • confidence
  • wit & charm (when it’s sincere)
  • smarts
  • banter
  • resilience
  • a sense of purpose in action but peace in stillness
  • knowing how I like my coffee
  • stiletto heels
  • pretty dresses
  • amazing culinary skills

59! why I joined tumblr: Man, everybody migrated over from LJ/DW, so I jumped aboard, too— and I’m glad I did, I never would have found all of you awesome sifki folks if I hadn’t. :D

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You are so gorgeous! Also Paris!!!

thank you, gorgeous friends <3333 :D :D :D

psychoticgirl asked: 40, 42, 56!

40. Fave memory:  Man, I don’t even know. Something involving all the people I love in one room? Maybe the last Friendsgiving is a good example— we don’t all get to convene like that very often but when we do it’s always just very fun and comfortable and affirming and emotionally nourishing.

42. Fave books:  This is a hard questionnnnn Annnnn. Always a fan of:

  • Umberto Eco’s Foucault’s Pendulum
  • Nick Harkaway’s Gone-away World

Needs more ladies, I know.

56. Fave foods: ALL OF THE FOODS. If it has carbs and it’s savory I’m probably there, okay. Like. I can’t even narrow it down to a style of cuisine. I just really love food.

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1. Ahaha I look…very interesting right now, but here’s one from yesterday! I was trying to make a haircut decision.

4. I am looking forward to GRADUATION IN LIKE 4 WEEKS AW YESSS NO MORE GRAD SCHOOL. At least for a while. I refuse to say I won’t go back…because the last time I did that, well. But it’s gonna be a long, long time. #rocketman #notreally

11. Weirdly, I am not listening to music right now. But I do have Rocket Man stuck in my head now, so I’m humming that.

15. My personality: Fun, determined, occasionally irascible.

20. Favorite song of the moment: Janelle Monae, Q.U.E.E.N.. Okay, now I’m listening to music.

36. 3 dreams to fulfill. This has been on my mind a lot lately? I made a lot of promises to myself when I was younger, and feel like I’ve really scratched a lot of things off that list in the last few years. It’s one of the reasons I was so excited to finally land in my thirties, because as cheesy at it sounds I think a lot of my dreams are actually blossoming into a pretty beautiful reality right about now— that’s a kickass way to start a new decade of life. But I always want to keep growing and pushing myself, so I’ve been thinking about new dreams and goals of late. I think this is what those look like:

  • Finish that damn novel! Steal a time machine if necessary!
  • Go to Paris for Christmas. Just because.

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13. I feel great right now, thank you! :D I am taking a day off from responsibilities! I feel freeeee. I might go shopping. I might take myself to the movies. I might even get a haircut. I’M UNPREDICTABLE. (Not true. I’m extremely predictable.)

31. Random facts, let’s see.

  • I have 2 tattoos!
  • My hair is presently the longest it has ever been in my life!
  • The only musical instrument I play is the cello!

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2. Hmm. I’m not anticipating human children, but I would like for my dog to have a canine friend or two…or maybe a kitten friend…maybe I just want a menagerie, haha. I would really like a big, goofy, loving, loyal golden retriever, though…that I would name Thor. Obviously. And a dog of indeterminate origin named Barton. And another heeler mix named Bishop. A giant Newfie named Falstaff. And maybe a grumpy cat.  Yeah, I really just want a menagerie. Sorry, M. :P

44. Early twenties? I’m well-preserved, haha.

43. omg this question is impossible noooooo I cannot answerrrrr

'Isn't a kind of a trip to know you have your own action figure?' 'It’s pretty dope.’ (c)